Monday, 20 August 2012

Dragon US Infantry, 2nd Armored Division (Normandy 1944) Diorama

Well, the Diorama Base is almost done, just a few extra scenery details to add, but i'll add those later.

For now, I've just finished painting the sand bags and painted the "wood" base for the Flak gun itself.
The Sandbags are painted with Tamiya Enamel XF-60 Buff and tinted with XF-59 and Humbrol 64 to create variation in the colours of different bags.

I drybrushed the thatch with XF-60 Buff.

After all this dried, weathered the sandbags with Raw Umber oil paint wash.   Add some grey and buff colours to the wash and added between the sandbags and where they touch the bunker.  Removed any excess with a toothbrush.

Weathered the wood area with Humbrol 64 that was randomly painted on and then wiped off.
Added some Raw Umber wash to the thatch area.
Aside from a bit extra scenery, it looks about done - now to move to the figures.

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