Monday, 13 August 2012

Dragon US Infantry, 2nd Armored Division (Normandy 1944) Diorama

Moving along nicely with this project.

Built up a wall for the raised terrain from Evergreen.  Filled in the joins with putty, sanded, primed and painted Gloss Black

Glued in some expanded foam which I had test fitted and cut to shape.  I photocopied my top view plan and cut out the required area to use as a template.

Now the fun part - the sides of the Flak Bunker.
I had to reduce the size of the foam, to allow me to build the thatch walls that the Germans used on some bunkers.
The thatch was constructed by drilling small holes in the base and gluing in toothpicks (cocktail sticks).
I then wove the wires from a length of network cable.  I also made a few runs that ended in the middle.

The ends were super-glued in place and trimmed off.

I figured that the Germans may have laid wood on the ground for the flak gun to sit on.  I took some Evergreen plastic and scratched it with a heavy grade sand paper (80 grit I think it was).
This was cut to size and various lengths and glued on the base.

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