Sunday, 4 October 2015

Workbench ready

Well, workbench has been cleaned, old paint cleaners going and replaced with fresh stuff.

Always good to clean up the bench after the QMHE show.


Monday, 14 September 2015

QMHE 2015

Okay, pics undercontrol - started uploading pics of the QMHE 2015 show.

Gundam Australia Forum Group Build 2015

Gundam Australia Forum is one of several online groups I hang out at.

We are primarily Australian focused group, but have members from all over the world.

A group build we do each year, is associated with QMHE Expo, held in Queensland each year.  The idea being, we enter a specific category with a specific them.

This year was Gundam Zeon Mechs.  It had to be modified so we could enter the Mech-2 Category.
The main theme was Russian Aircraft colour - the group settled on 3 tone blue.

so here is my entry - Z'Gok modified with Anti air and gattling gun

Blog Images

G'day everyone,

apologies for the images not working - i've recently started using Google Drove to host my files, instead of PhotoBucket.
Google Drive has a share link, however it doesn't appear to work after I have finished updating the blog - works fine while I'm editing.
Anyone, images updating shortly.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Blog Update

just going through some old posts ...
Made mention of the Shelf Queen backlog - well, you won't believe it, some are gone, but most are still there

HMS Victory
Bandai1/100W-Gundam Zero Custom
Bandai1/100GN-001 Gundam Exia
Macross Figure
row 2, cell 11/200Bismark
Wave1/72Legioss AFC-01h ETA
Bandai1/72Destroid Spartan
Bandai1/72Destroid Defender
IMAI1/144Destroid Defender
Knights Models25mmHan Solo
Matchbox1/72Jet Provast
USS Voyager
TOS USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise

wow - not something to get exited about ... but the work continues ...

Zaku Diorama

One of the models, I put into the QMHE 2015 comp.

I called it Attack from the Water.
It was originally meant to be an attack on a BanDai building, however I didn't think anyone would get the subtle joke - BanDai Zaku kits attacking BanDai HQ ... sick I know.
So I changed it.

A few pics to wet your pallet ..

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Revell - What are you doing ?

I've just heard - Revell/Disney have enforced the licensing of Star Wars products.
What this means is BanDai Japan, cannot have kits sold to overseas customers (outside Asia).  Revell has the licensing rights for Europe and America.

So the BanDai kits are now no longer available - sad day for the hobby.  Australia (my experience) has a hard time as it is, getting SciFi kits into the country, so we buy online.  Now we can't buy what we want online.
BanDai does has an Australia distributor - but they aren't listing any Star Wars kits and are usually twice the cost as a minimum, compared to overseas retailers ...