Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dragon US Infantry, 2nd Armored Division (Normandy 1944) Diorama

Hit a bit of a modelling brick wall, as well as a few personal issues.  So everything on the work bench has become bench queens.  So to get everything moving again, I'm going to build a Diorama which is outside my comfort zone.
Inspired by a Plamo episode on YouTube, I have decided to base a Diorama on the Dragon 1/35 U.S. Infantry, 2nd Armored Division (Normandy 1944).

This started out as a Diorama Based on the Tamiya 1/35 20mm German Flakvierling 38 and a few Paratrooper figures to replicate the Scene from Band of Brothers, where Lt. Winters and a Private come across a Flak Gun in action on D-Day.  However wouldn't find any suitable figures for the Flak crew - oh well this is still on the cards.
Now to the Diorama at hand.


Spent a bit of time planing the diorama.  Thanks to the fellow modellers over at Scale Model Addict, I've come up with a design and size.

Started working on 8" (200mm) * 8" (200mm) in size, however since this is set in the field, there was a bit of empty space that needed to be dealt with.  So, the Diorama size is down to about 7" (180mm).

The design is out of the way - now to start building.

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