Thursday, 10 September 2015

Weird Streak - Redback on the Toilet Seat

okay, this is a weird build - first off, I'll answer the question, why that subject.

I built it specifically for the Best Australia subject in the QMHE Model Comp.
Plus, why not - who else has done something like this ?

So, Redback on the Toilet seat is a diorama of the old Aussie Thunderbox (outside toilet).
Redback on the Toilet seat is an Aussie poem - so building the Outhouse/Thunderbox was just something I thought I'd try.

The scene is based on childhood memories - wood pile close by, cattle fence, etc.  There was going to be a Redbelly Black snake near the fence, but it didn't look right.

Entirely scratchbuilt - everygreen, balsa wood, DAS clay, diorama scenery material.

So, here it is a quick photo of the RedBack on the Toilet Seat.

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