Thursday, 10 September 2015

Revell - What are you doing ?

I've just heard - Revell/Disney have enforced the licensing of Star Wars products.
What this means is BanDai Japan, cannot have kits sold to overseas customers (outside Asia).  Revell has the licensing rights for Europe and America.

So the BanDai kits are now no longer available - sad day for the hobby.  Australia (my experience) has a hard time as it is, getting SciFi kits into the country, so we buy online.  Now we can't buy what we want online.
BanDai does has an Australia distributor - but they aren't listing any Star Wars kits and are usually twice the cost as a minimum, compared to overseas retailers ...


  1. more information - I heard back from HLJ to a request as to why their domestic site has the Ep7 star wars kits and their International Site doesn't.
    They are not allowed to sell Ep7 stuff outside Japan.

  2. More news - the web is buzzing - BanDai kits of Star Wars are no longer available outside Japan. Revell has posted an announcement and resellers of BanDai has posted messages as well - no word direct from BanDai or Disney at present.