Sunday, 6 January 2013

Me-110 Shelf Queen

Well, this shelf queen is no longer queen.  She is now completed.

but before I post up the completed pictures, here's what I've done since the last posting ....

After the gloss coat dried, I applied a dot filter with oil paints (white, blue and flesh - didn't have any red).  Removed most of it with a thinner moistened old brush.  In some parts it all mixed together and created a lighter blue, so had to use some heavy brushing to remove it...

Next was a flat clear coat applied.  Washed the entire model with a brown sludge wash made from acrylic paint, detergent, water and pastel chalk.
Waited for it to dry and removed it with cotton buds and tissues.
Added exhaust staining using Tamiya weathering sets, paint chipping with a silver pencil (this was applied using a dotting method, bit noisy and the family complained as I was doing it while watching TV)
Canopy masks were removed and any round of sludge wash was applied and removed from most of the clear parts, but left enough to look like dust had collected around the edges of the glass.
Tamiya weathering set was watered down and applied to the wheels and quickly removed.

Over all, looks okay now.

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