Sunday, 16 December 2012

Me-110 Shelf Queen

Well, its no longer the shelf queen.

This has been abit of fun, could not find any decals for the balkenkruez wing marking, so made masks and airbrushed them on - how hard could that be, straight lines in black and white ..... hmmm ....

Lets begin with the over paint on the fuselage.  It appears the original fuselage aircraft markings have been removed.  This is over painted with Verde Oliva Scura 2 - which is an Italian color.  Couldn't find a decent color match, so I settled for Humbrol 91.

 Next I masked and painted the white fuselage and tail fin markings.  These were painted X-2 Tamiya White.  This was fairly easy, I used the panel lines on the fuselage as a guide for the fuselage band.  This tail fin required a bit more masking effort.

Next was the wing markings.  So I printed out some balkenkruez in the size I wanted and measured or cut out the required markings and transfered them to Tamiya masking tape.   Started with the white areas.

 Next I measured narrow stripes to cover the white and cut and placed them on to the appropriate areas.
Thankfully this is only for the upper wing area.

 Airbrushed Tamiya X-1 Black and then removed the maskes.

I found an old pic of this model, taken a few years ago - as you can see, even then it started collecting a bit of dust.....

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